Hosting for WordPress


Google have invested a lot of time and money into new tools like Page Speed and have added site speed as a factor to their search results thus website with the fastest WordPress hosting will benefit more. Sites with a fast loading time are more in favour of getting higher rankings. Although this is a complex topic and site speed will not fully determine a sites rankings as you have to consider their authority, links, keywords used and much more. However, with this said it makes sense for Google to use this information (page load speed) as a factor.

Google want to deliver the best results to their users and thus a fast website is required to deliver that experience. So why I’m I talking about site speed so much when this post is about hosting for WordPress. This is because your hosting company has a huge factor in the speed of your website. Think of your hosting company like a car – it’s the engine of the car. The faster cars have the better engines and it’s no different with hosting companies.

With that said, what are good hosting solutions for WordPress?

Since WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world it makes sense to research some WordPress hosting, luckily thanks to the Internet, this research and already been for you. If you look at this list on hosting solutions you can see that WP Engine tops the charts from this WP Engine review. Being one of the higher end WordPress hosting companies they are also the fastest. Check out the review for an analysis of their speeds.

WP Engine makes a  good choice if you’re after speeds but it’s a little expensive for those website owners who are just starting out. If this is you then here are some points to consider before picking a WordPress host.

  • Security

It’s important to pick a good company which has good security. Hackers are an increasing problem and can set up back a day or two if you’ve been hacked. A good hosting solution at the very least should support you if you’ve been hacked, others might even fix it for you like WP Engine.

  • Speed

As discussed, speed is important not only for Google but also to your customers. Would you buy a product from a website with 10 seconds loading time? Doubtful.

  • Shared hosting

For tips on site speed be sure to watch this helpful video

When you’re just starting out you’ll most likely go with shared hosting. This is a good deal and you can pick up a decent host for around $3.99 per month. If you visit this link, apart from WP Engine these are all good shared hosting options.

These are all things to consider for WordPress hosting. Since technology has developed most hosting companies offer a similar service so I would advise thinking about upgrading to better technology (i.e WP Engine) when you’ve outgrown your shared hosting.